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Army Veteran Everett Palmer Died in Police Custody in 2018. His Family Can’t Find His Heart

Photo: Photo provided by family 41-year-old U.S. Army veteran Everett Palmer called his brother to tell him he was heading to New York to visit their sick mother. Before he left, he needed to make sure an outstanding DUI warrant in Pennsylvania was settled to be sure his license was valid. Two days later, on […]

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Donald Trump’s Great Patriotic Wars

The Trump administration has been trying out a fresh line with the American public of late: Patriotism requires sacrifice. As the president’s trade wars drag on, putting the economic bite on a growing number of Americans, his team is scrambling to put a nationalist gloss on his protectionist gamble, spinning it as a noble crusade […]

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Is Trump DOA in the Rust Belt?

If you’re the betting sort, maybe bet on the 2020 election being decided in the Rust Belt. It was there, in 2016, when the Democrats’ fabled “blue wall”—Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania—crumbled, handing an Electoral College victory to Donald Trump. In the 2018 midterms, however, Democrats began to rebuild that wall, electing three governors, three senators, and […]

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