Tag: Federal-State Relations (US)

Judge Throws Out Missouri Statute Restricting Federal Gun Laws

WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Kansas City on Tuesday struck down a Missouri law that restricted local and state law enforcement agencies in carrying out federal gun laws, ruling that the statute violated the Constitution and posed a grave threat to public safety. Judge Brian C. Wimes of the Western District of Missouri ruled […]

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Supreme Court Hints That It May Duck Two Big Cases

WASHINGTON — Two of the most consequential Supreme Court cases this term may fizzle out, recent orders from the justices suggest, meaning the court may not rule on the role of state legislatures in conducting federal elections or on whether Republican-led states may challenge a pandemic-era immigration measure. The end of the term, probably in […]

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Watching the Watchmen

American communities need robust law enforcement, and the vast majority of police officers are public servants performing dangerous work with dedication. The footage of Memphis police officers killing Tyre Nichols in early January, however, is all the more unbearable because Americans have seen the likes of it so many times before. Too many Americans today […]

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