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World Leaders Gather in Jerusalem to Fight Anti-Semitism and Recall Holocaust

JERUSALEM — Dozens of presidents, premiers and potentates descended upon the Holy City on Wednesday in an extraordinary show of collective resolve to fight anti-Semitism, and a 95-year-old Holocaust scholar warned them that such hatred threatened their countries with a “deadly cancer.” The gathering in Jerusalem, timed ahead of Monday’s 75th anniversary of the liberation […]

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How Amazon, Geico and Walmart Fund Propaganda

Lenin is sometimes said to have predicted that capitalists would sell Russia the rope with which they would be hanged. Yet not even Lenin could have imagined Vladimir Putin’s success in getting some of the largest Western companies to subsidize his disinformation efforts by advertising on his government-run “news” websites. The top programmatic advertiser on […]

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Putin Outlines Political Overhaul, Including Possible Post for Himself

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia submitted constitutional amendments on Monday that empower a previously toothless advisory council as a powerful policy arbiter, setting up what could be a future role for himself as Russia’s long-term paramount leader. Short on vital details, the proposed changes shed little light on Mr. Putin’s exact plans […]

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