Tag: Consumer Behavior

Safe to Go Out? Republicans and Democrats Widely Split

Democrats and Republicans are reacting very differently to the coronavirus pandemic. And the divide goes far beyond whether to wear a mask. A majority of Republicans say they would feel comfortable flying on an airplane, eating indoors in a restaurant or seeing a movie in a theater. Large majorities of Democrats and political independents say […]

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Consumers Came Back in June, but for How Long?

The American consumer came back last month, with retail sales increasing 7.5 percent from May as stores reopened in warm weather, shoppers shook off lockdown fatigue and the federal government pumped trillions of dollars of stimulus into the economy. The jump, which sent spending back to just below where it was in February before the […]

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As Europe’s Economies Reopen, Consumers Go on a Spending Spree

PARIS — Clémentine Sebert buzzed through an Ikea furniture store during her lunch break, filling her cart with decorative cushions, a new nightstand, lamps and a small rug. After being cooped up for two months during France’s coronavirus quarantine, she was back to work at the firm where she is a legal counselor — and […]

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