Tag: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2017)

Pass the Debt Ceiling Deal

No one walked away satisfied by the agreement reached late Saturday to raise the debt ceiling: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did not win the most destructive cuts sought by the right, and the Democratic proposals to raise revenue never seriously entered the conversation. Yet with the risk of ruinous economic default less than a week […]

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Fact-Checking the Kickoff to Biden’s Re-election Campaign

WASHINGTON — Since announcing his re-election bid on Tuesday, President Biden has repeated familiar boasts about his economic record and recounted folksy, personal anecdotes — and sometimes veered from the facts. Here’s a fact-check of his remarks. What Mr. Biden Said “We’ve created more than 12 million new jobs, more jobs in two years than […]

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The Powerful Lobbyist Behind Kevin McCarthy: Jeff Miller

Mr. Miller declined to be interviewed. But he said in a statement that he “worked hard with Speaker McCarthy’s team during the speaker’s race because he’s my friend” and because Mr. McCarthy “knows how to build consensus around an agenda and then how to implement it.” Mr. Miller added, “I just want to be known […]

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