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House Democrats Introduce Bill Protecting Right To Cross State Lines for Abortion

“This is about vengeance. This is about spite. This is about politics,” Representative James McGovern, the top Democrat on the House Rules Committee, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. Ultimately, Republicans are not getting “payback,” as that would imply some level of equal give and take. Democrats voted to punish members notorious for inciting violence […]

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Minnesota Becomes First State To Legally Guarantee Abortion Rights Since the Fall of Roe

Maher appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show to talk about the need for “an honest history of racism,” only to then use right-wing terms to denounce “critical race theory,” manufacturing a nonexistent conflict between the two ideas. To be fair, Maher has hosted people from across the political spectrum for years: from Cornel West and Ann […]

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RNC Directs Party To “Go on Offense” on Abortion, Supports Six-Week Bans

Guy is not some social regressive. But he has tips for people on how to both mitigate the crisis of fast fashion and enhance their wardrobes while doing it: things like building wardrobes over time, shopping vintage, and buying fewer things for more money. He explains how exploration—whether attempting to pull off rugged, or preppy, […]

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