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Air Force Helicopter Hit by Gunfire Was Forced to Make Emergency Landing, F.B.I. Says

The F.B.I. and the U.S. military said Wednesday they were investigating the shooting of an Air Force helicopter this week during a routine training exercise over Northern Virginia that injured one airman and forced the crew to make an emergency landing. The helicopter, a UH-1N Huey, was practicing an instrument landing near Manassas Regional Airport […]

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If Public Schools Are Closed, Should Private Schools Have to Follow?

Facing a resurgence of the coronavirus, public schools in the suburbs of the nation’s capital decided in recent weeks that more than a million children would start the school year from home. On Friday, officials in Maryland’s most populous county said that private schools, including some of the nation’s most elite, had to join them. […]

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Virus-Driven Push to Release Juvenile Detainees Leaves Black Youth Behind

WASHINGTON — Black youth detained in juvenile justice facilities have been released at a far slower rate than their white peers in response to the coronavirus, according to a new report that also found that the gap in release rates between the two groups had nearly doubled over the course of the pandemic. The report, […]

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