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Nevada Is the First State to Ban Employer Drug Tests for Weed

Left: Photo by Stocksy. Right: Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Last week, Nevada passed a bill telling employers that they couldn’t refuse to hire workers just because they tested positive for weed. It’s a major step—if only a step—toward rectifying what advocates see as a clear injustice of this late period in the war on drugs: In […]

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Could Pre-Employment Marijuana Tests Become a Thing of the Past? Nevada Becomes 1st State to Kiss Them Goodbye

Photo: Ed Andrieski (AP Photo) Potheads throughout the world the state of Nevada, rejoice! CNN reports that beginning in 2020, employers in the state can no longer refuse to hire a job applicant for failing a marijuana screening test, making it the first state in the country to enforce such a rule. And considering it’s […]

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The State That Liberal Dreams Are Made Of

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak received national attention last week for vetoing a bill aimed at reforming the Electoral College. State lawmakers approved a measure that would have added Nevada to the popular vote interstate compact, pledging its six electoral votes to whoever wins the nationwide popular vote. Fourteen states plus the District of Columbia, comprising […]

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