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Kind Fisherman Throws Back Endangered Shark After Making Big Catch on Fishing Trip With Friends

An endangered shark will swim another day because of a conscientious fisherman. A 20-year-old university student named Alperen Uslu was fishing in the Mediterranean Sea off of southern Turkey with friends when he encountered what was thought to be a fish that seemed to be extra difficult and required help to reel in. Uslu actually caught a sandbar […]

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George Santos Raised Money for Dogs. It’s Unclear Where It All Went.

“You know, somebody along the line — and again, this is all stuff that are being looked into, to show and get that taken care of. Because, again, I wasn’t alone on this,” Mr. Santos said, even as he maintained that he handled the bulk of charity’s operations. “I was the guy picking up poop, […]

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These Extinct Elephants Were Neanderthals’ ‘Biggest Calorie Bombs’

In his 1931 book, “How to Tell Your Friends From the Apes,” the American satirist Will Cuppy noted that Neanderthals had fires, caves, marrow bones, mosquitoes, love and arthritis. “What more can you ask?” he mused. If you answered “bush meat block parties,” you might be on to something. That is essentially the conclusion of […]

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