Tag: Endangered and Extinct Species

Once Threatened, Sea Turtle Nests Thrive Along the Georgia Coast

They are not much bigger than silver dollars when they hatch, struggle out of sand and stumble toward the sea, and most do not survive until adulthood. But if their mothers are any indication, these loggerhead sea turtles, once in such trouble they were designated as “threatened” by the federal government four decades ago, are […]

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The Shorebirds of Delaware Bay Are Going Hungry

REEDS BEACH, N.J. — On a recent spring day at this remote beach, hundreds of shorebirds flapped frantically beneath a net trapping them on the sand. Dozens of volunteers rushed to disentangle the birds and place them gently in covered crates. On a nearby sand dune, teams of scientists and volunteers attached metal leg bands, […]

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A School of Fish, Captured in a Fossil

Fish can band together, sometimes in the millions, to form a school or shoal. They will move as one, like a flock of birds, so long as each fish stays in line with the fish that surround it. Modern fish, as well as other kinds of animals, already know how to move as one. But […]

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