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Northern Lights Are Seen Overnight in Parts of U.S.

People from Montana to Missouri reported sightings of the aurora borealis overnight, and forecasters said the phenomenon also known as the northern lights would be visible over parts of the West and Midwest until about dawn on Tuesday. The northern lights get their name for lighting up the sky at higher latitudes. On Monday night, […]

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U.A.W. Starts Strike Small, but Repercussions Could Prove Far-Reaching

Autoworkers walked off the job on Friday at three factories that produce some of the Detroit carmakers’ most popular vehicles, the opening salvos in what could become a protracted strike that hurts the U.S. economy and has an impact on the 2024 presidential election. Nearly 13,000 members of the United Auto Workers at plants in […]

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Kerri Rawson, BTK Killer’s Daughter, Helps Search for More Victims

Kerri Rawson sees her life in two parts: before and after she learned that her father was a serial killer. The before included camping and fishing vacations as a family; helping her father build a treehouse and working alongside him in the garden; going to church every Sunday. It also included verbal and emotional abuse, […]

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