Tag: LGBTQ Rights

The New Anti-Trans Culture War Hiding in Plain Sight

In October of last year, a little known state lawmaker from South Dakota attended a one-day event, hosted by the Heritage Foundation, aimed at advancing “conservative solutions to protect children from sexualization in culture, education, and healthcare.” In a newsletter published the following month by South Dakota’s Legislative Research Council, that lawmaker, Republican state Representative […]

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New Jersey to Become Ninth State to Ban LGBTQ ‘Panic Defenses’

Photo: Dave Kotinsky (Getty Images) LGBTQ “panic” defenses have long been a controversial part of the legal system. It effectively absolves blame from the perpetrator of a crime and places it on the victim instead. Luckily, these kinds of defenses are slowly but surely being banned across the country. According to NBC News, New Jersey’s […]

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The Equal Rights Amendment May Have Found Its Moment

As the Virginia General Assembly prepared to vote on the Equal Rights Amendment on Wednesday, Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy posed a question to her colleagues: “Which side of history do you want to be on? The world is watching—your mothers, your sisters, your daughters.” By day’s end, the body had decided: It approved the amendment, becoming […]

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