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Republican Lawmakers Are Introducing Numerous Bills Targeted at Transgender Youth

Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) The Republican party is continuing its assault on anyone who’s not a straight, cisgender, white man. Their current target? Kids. NBC News reports that Republican lawmakers across a dozen states are introducing bills that would essentially criminalize being a transgender youth. Some of the proposed laws would prevent doctors from […]

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Marsha’s Plate Trans Podcast Wants to Liberate All Black People

For the past two years, Diamond Stylz and her podcast co-hosts, Mia Sloan and Zahir Alexander, have been providing space for black people to liberate themselves from transphobia. They want trans black people to speak freely about their experiences without the pressure of accommodating the white gaze. They want cisgender people to have a space […]

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Culture War in the Workplace

The proceedings began with three fast, muted raps on the door. Layleen Cubilette-Polanco’s family and friends, joined by many, many people who’d never even met her, filled every row in the small, mostly beige hearing room on the third floor of the federal courthouse, somewhere between downtown Brooklyn and the waterfront. Five months before, on […]

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