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A Retired Prosecutor’s Quest for Recognition

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — What is the weight of history? For Stephanie Wright, it’s as slight as the thinnest of books, a 259-page volume that has upended her life for months and set her on an unusual and determined quest for recognition. She appealed to the Justice Department and some of the highest-ranking officials and […]

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Will Conservative Justices Ignore Their Own Limit on the Supreme Court’s Power?

And a 5-4 conservative majority relied on similar standing concerns in June 2021 to hold that the Constitution foreclosed suits by some consumers who sought to challenge credit reporting companies who kept inaccurate records of their credit information — holding that it wasn’t enough that Congress believed such conduct should be legally actionable. In each […]

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How to Stop a Senator From Blocking a Federal Judge

Last February, Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, abruptly decided to block a nomination for a federal judgeship, though Mr. Johnson actually recommended the nominee just eight months before. Why the reversal? It was never very clear. Mr. Johnson said it was because the candidate, Judge William Pocan of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, didn’t […]

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