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The Road to a Supreme Court Clerkship Starts at Three Ivy League Colleges

WASHINGTON — When Ted Cruz attended Harvard Law School, he liked to study with people who had undergraduate degrees from Harvard, Yale or Princeton. “He said he didn’t want anybody from ‘minor Ivies’ like Penn or Brown,” one of his law school roommates told GQ. That may strike you as slicing the baloney of elitism […]

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Can the State of the Union Match ‘White Lotus’?

One question that always carries with it a frisson of unease during big presidential addresses: On a scale of 1 to Lauren Boebert, how disrespectfully will members of the opposing party behave? Normally, the out party is content to express its disagreement by withholding applause — or vaguely grumbling. But you never know when someone […]

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On North Carolina’s Supreme Court, G.O.P. Justices Move to Reconsider Democratic Rulings

WASHINGTON — An extraordinary pair of orders by North Carolina’s Republican-controlled Supreme Court is highlighting how the partisan tug of war has pervaded the state’s courts and, by extension, the nation’s. On Friday, the court moved to rehear two major voting rights cases that it had previously decided, one striking down a gerrymandered map of […]

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