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Humanitarian Crisis in Syria Is Exacerbated By Deadly Earthquakes

Once again, Syrians heard the roar and thud of buildings coming down, once again saw dust rising from the mounds of gray, jagged concrete and twisted metal where houses and offices had stood. Once again, people dug in the ruins with their hands, hoping, often in vain, to save the people they loved. Across northwestern […]

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Immigration Rebound Eases Shortage of Workers, Up to a Point

“It’s gotten a little bit better, but we’re seeing a drop in permanent visas and an increase in temporary ones,” Mr. Flores said. “At some point those folks have to move on, sometimes to other countries where there’s more open arms. And that’s tough for us, because we need the labor.” The State of Jobs […]

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Egg Shortages Are Driving Demand for Raise-at-Home Chickens

Which shortage came first: the chicks or the eggs? Spooked by a huge spike in egg prices, some consumers are taking steps to secure their own future supply. Demand for chicks that will grow into egg-laying chickens — which jumped at the onset of the global pandemic in 2020 — is rapid again as the […]

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