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The Trade War, Paused for Now, Is Still Wreaking Damage

The trade war is de-escalating, at least for now. But the economic damage it caused could be far from over. Two years of tit-for-tat tariffs and on-again-off-again trade talks have left American farmers reeling. The manufacturing sector is in a recession, albeit a relatively mild one, and factory employment declined in December after rising slowly […]

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Trump’s China Deal Creates Collateral Damage for Tech Firms

WASHINGTON — Among the corporate titans recognized last week by President Trump during a White House signing ceremony for his China trade deal was Sanjay Mehrotra, the chief executive of Micron Technology, whose Idaho semiconductor company is at the heart of Mr. Trump’s trade war. Micron, which makes memory chips for computers and smartphones, is […]

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Air Pollution, Evolution, and the Fate of Billions of Humans

The threat of air pollution grabs our attention when we see it — for example, the tendrils of smoke of Australian brush fires, now visible from space, or the poisonous soup of smog that descends on cities like New Delhi in the winter. But polluted air also harms billions of people on a continuing basis. […]

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