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Strange Bedfellows: Iran’s Ex-President Woos Saudi Crown Prince as Pen Pal

A former president of Iran, known in the West for speeches that assert the Holocaust was invented and that Israel should be erased from the map, has written a chummy letter to his country’s most ardent Arab foe: the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. So far, at least, it appears to be a one-way exchange. […]

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As if Yemen Needed More Woes, a Decrepit Oil Tanker Threatens Disaster

Think of Yemen, and war, starvation, disease and poverty come to mind. Now add another attribute: a rusting, neglected 1,188-foot tanker moored off the country’s western coast, laden with roughly 48 million gallons of oil, at risk of sinking or even exploding at any time. The United Nations and a variety of environmental experts have […]

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