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Joe Biden Wants to Take America Back to a Time Before Trump

On a warm, overcast Thursday afternoon last October, I was throwing a Frisbee to my dog while trying to watch my daughter’s field-hockey game when Joe Biden came walking down a grassy ridge a few feet away. He appeared to be alone; if he had a security detail with him, it was being exceedingly discreet. […]

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The Shorebirds of Delaware Bay Are Going Hungry

REEDS BEACH, N.J. — On a recent spring day at this remote beach, hundreds of shorebirds flapped frantically beneath a net trapping them on the sand. Dozens of volunteers rushed to disentangle the birds and place them gently in covered crates. On a nearby sand dune, teams of scientists and volunteers attached metal leg bands, […]

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Biden’s First Run for President Was a Calamity. Some Missteps Still Resonate.

Joe Biden was riffing again — an R.F.K. anecdote, a word about “civil wrongs,” a meandering joke about the baseball commissioner — and aides knew enough to worry a little. “When I marched in the civil rights movement, I did not march with a 12-point program,” Mr. Biden thundered, testing his presidential message in February […]

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