Tag: Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

France Judges Dead Jihadists but Refuses to Repatriate the Living

PARIS — The trial this month was exceptional for a country that has resisted repatriating or extraditing terrorism suspects from battlegrounds in Iraq and Syria. A Paris judge heard cases against 24 men and women charged with links to the Islamic State. Witnesses were called. Prosecutors and defense lawyers made their statements. Verdicts were rendered. […]

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ISIS Wife’s Return to Norway Threatens to Bring Down Government

OSLO, Norway — Before the woman left for Syria in 2013, she had grown up on the eastern side of Oslo in a Norwegian-Pakistani family, playing soccer and attending university, according to a recent profile. In Syria, she ended up living in Islamic State territory, marrying twice in the Caliphate and having two children, officials […]

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The Wrong Track for Confronting Iran

In the quick escalation of tensions and attacks between the United States and Iran this month, each side threw down a gauntlet. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo defined America’s goal as to “confront and contain.” Iran’s rulers said they won’t be satisfied until America leaves the Middle East. Confronting and containing Iran may sound wise. […]

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