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Pentagon Now Says 50 U.S. Troops Sustained Brain Injuries in Iran Strike

The Pentagon on Tuesday said that 50 American service members sustained brain injuries from Iranian airstrikes on Al Asad Air Base in Iraq this month, 16 more than it had acknowledged last week. Of the 50 troops affected, 31 were treated in Iraq and returned to duty, “including 15 of the additional service members,” Lt. […]

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The Wrong Track for Confronting Iran

In the quick escalation of tensions and attacks between the United States and Iran this month, each side threw down a gauntlet. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo defined America’s goal as to “confront and contain.” Iran’s rulers said they won’t be satisfied until America leaves the Middle East. Confronting and containing Iran may sound wise. […]

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Toll in Attack on Yemen Military Base Rises to at Least 76

AL MUKALLA, Yemen — The death toll in a drone and missile attack on a government military training base in central Yemen rose to at least 76 on Sunday, representing an escalation bound to complicate international efforts to end the country’s prolonged war. The attack targeted soldiers gathered Saturday near a mosque in the central […]

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