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In Epstein Tweets, Trump Revisits a Favored Conspiracy Genre: Murder

President Trump has long used his fame and platform to amplify conspiracy theories and undermine his political enemies by muddying the waters when it comes to facts. For years, he has helped to erode voter faith in institutions by invoking the idea of a sinister force — such as the “deep state” or a rigged […]

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Why Justice Stevens Turned Against the Death Penalty

Justice John Paul Stevens struck an important blow against the modern death penalty 17 years ago in a Supreme Court decision barring capital punishment for intellectually disabled people. In his majority opinion in Atkins v. Virginia, Justice Stevens said the “cognitive and behavioral impairments” of the intellectually disabled made them “less morally culpable” and put […]

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How Supreme Court Nominations Became So Partisan

CONFIRMATION BIAS Inside Washington’s War Over the Supreme Court, From Scalia’s Death to Justice Kavanaugh By Carl Hulse On Feb. 12, 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia died of a heart attack at a remote luxury resort in West Texas. The Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, wasted no time declaring that his party would not allow President […]

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