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A Supreme Court Term Marked by Shifting Alliances and Surprise Votes

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court term that ended on Thursday was expected to be a blood bath for its four-member liberal wing. Instead, shifting alliances produced a series of surprising liberal victories. Some were minor, and some were tentative. But in the end, the court’s liberals prevailed in fully half of the 14 rulings decided […]

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Ginsburg Hints at Sharp Divisions Ahead as Supreme Court Term Nears End

WASHINGTON — In 2012, as the Supreme Court was mulling the fate of President Barack Obama’s health care law, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg addressed the American Constitution Society, a liberal group. “This term has been more than usually taxing,” she said. Two weeks later, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joined Justice Ginsburg and the […]

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Clarence Thomas’s Dangerous Idea

Criticizing his fellow justices’ decision to block part of an Indiana law that banned abortion based on sex, race or disability, Clarence Thomas performed a public service: He brought two competing historical narratives into contact with one another, on an issue where ideological arguments often pass like trains in the night. The Thomas argument, common […]

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