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A Supreme Court Term Marked by Shifting Alliances and Surprise Votes

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court term that ended on Thursday was expected to be a blood bath for its four-member liberal wing. Instead, shifting alliances produced a series of surprising liberal victories. Some were minor, and some were tentative. But in the end, the court’s liberals prevailed in fully half of the 14 rulings decided […]

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The Supreme Court Isn’t as Naïve as Trump Hoped

The Supreme Court affirmed a basic rule of the operation of government on Thursday: Federal agencies have to give believable reasons for the actions they take. The justices applied that rule to stop the Trump administration, at least for now, from wrecking the 2020 census. The decision in Department of Commerce v. New York shouldn’t […]

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Justice Breyer Raises Specter of Perpetual Detention Without Trial at Guantánamo

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a lawsuit by a Yemeni man who has been held in wartime detention for more than 17 years at the military’s Guantánamo Bay prison, prompting Justice Stephen G. Breyer to warn that the American legal system is on autopilot toward permitting life imprisonment without trial. […]

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