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The secret to good schools: Try, try again

With a new academic year under way in the U.S., imagine you have been named superintendent of your local public school district. What changes would you make? How would you make them? That second question matters greatly. Despite supposedly stark differences among people, data show that most U.S. parents like their local public schools. At […]

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MIT’s dynaMIT club sparks interest in STEM for middle schoolers

For the past 10 years, MIT students who are members of dynaMIT have taught middle schoolers from under-resourced Boston-area schools vital STEM principles through a variety of games, experiments, and activities. Months of planning by the 24 club members culminate in a two-week learning adventure that involves teaching 40 sixth- and seventh-graders one week, then […]

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Teachers embrace hands-on learning in Materials Genome Camp

Amid the brick furnaces of MIT’s forge and foundry, Mike Tarkanian poured liquid metal into a mold until it filled, then he emptied the rest into a trough. To demonstrate how quickly it solidified in the ambient temperature of the room, the senior lecturer in the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) kicked […]

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