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In Iraq Museum, There Are Things ‘That Are Nowhere Else in the World’

BAGHDAD — If people remember anything about the Iraq Museum, it is most likely the televised images of it being looted in 2003 as American troops watched from their tanks. Statues too heavy to move were knocked from their pedestals, their 3,000- and 4,000-year-old shoulders bashed to powder. Some lost their eyes or one side […]

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France Hands ISIS Suspects to Iraq, Which Sentences Them to Hang

BAGHDAD — Seven French citizens accused of supporting the Islamic State came before an Iraqi judge in a Baghdad courtroom this week. Wearing sandals and yellow jumpsuits, they stated their occupations: tax collector, Arabic teacher, military trainer, chicken seller, medical aide. Two said they were fighters. Each admitted having joined the Islamic State but no […]

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Bernie Sanders Sets His Sights on Biden

Bernie Sanders has a Joe Biden problem. The former vice president’s formal entry into the 2020 primary has cut into Sanders’s numbers, which have lagged in recent weeks. Already underwater with older voters, a Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday showed that Bernie’s support among younger ones—his base—has fallen from 45 to 33 percent. Sanders […]

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