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In Europe, Home Sales to Americans Are on the Rise

Other visa programs for foreigners with means remain intact. Amelia Guertin has been in the country on and off for the last year, living on a tourist visa while she applies for a long-term one. She arrived in Portugal after living in Hawaii, San Francisco and New York City, cities that felt “wildly unaffordable,” she […]

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Why Brexit’s immigration politics have fizzled out

The special visa for people fleeing Hong Kong is an interesting example. Stephanie Schwartz, a political scientist at the London School of Economics who studies the politics of immigration, noted a striking lack of criticism or even public attention to that program, even though the government estimated that as many as 300,000 people would be […]

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Immigration Rebound Eases Shortage of Workers, Up to a Point

“It’s gotten a little bit better, but we’re seeing a drop in permanent visas and an increase in temporary ones,” Mr. Flores said. “At some point those folks have to move on, sometimes to other countries where there’s more open arms. And that’s tough for us, because we need the labor.” The State of Jobs […]

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