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Mattel’s Latest Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit and NFC Enabled ID Cars Are Exclusive to Apple Store

Lately, Mattel has been trying to add a digital touch to its toys. The company has now launched Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit, Race Portal, and Hot Wheels ID vehicles. The new range of toys will exclusively be available on Apple Store and is expected to arrive on Android later this year. Hot Wheels has […]

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Dexcom CEO Hints at a Diabetes Collaboration with Apple Watch

Apple is consistently adding health-related features to the Apple Watch. Dexcom is a company that offers FDA-approved blood glucose monitoring kit. In the past Dexcom has partnered with Fitbit to display glucose monitoring data on the Ionic smartwatch. Recently, the CEO of Dexcom has teased a collaboration with Apple. Kevin Sayer, CEO of Dexcom told […]

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Charter and Comcast Required to Sell iPads and Apple TVs as Part of Deal to Sell iPhones

Apple’s position in the smartphone industry allows it to extract the best deal while negotiating with small carriers and retailers. A CNBC report highlights such cases in which Comcast and Charter as a part of their agreement with Apple to sell iPhones were also required to sell a large number of other Apple devices. Comcast […]

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