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Piston Slap: The Sable’s Spurious Speed Sensing?

Longtime TTAC Commentator Golden2husky writes: Dear Sajeev: I have a problem with my old ’92 Sable. About a year ago the ABS started to lightly engage while the wheel was turned hard left or right as you pulled into a parking spot. The parking was not at “turtle” speeds but was well below the need […]

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Rare Rides: A 1990 Ford Taurus SHO in Stunning Silver

Tell me — do you enjoy luxury, power, and a high level of standard equipment, all wrapped in a family-friendly sedan package? If so, it sounds like today’s Rare Ride might be for you. It’s a well-preserved Ford Taurus SHO from 1990. Ford modernized the American sedan market with the introduction of its slick, aero-friendly […]

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