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How drones became entertainment

Drones are literal lifesavers. They’re ferrying medical samples between hospitals, giving firefighters in San Diego a top-down view of hot spots, and helping keep South Florida’s exploding mosquito population under control. But when autonomous quadcopters aren’t helping folks stay out of harm’s way, they’re putting on shows — theater and light shows, to be exact. […]

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Uber will deliver food via drone to San Diego residents in summer 2019

The next time you order pad thai from your go-to neighborhood joint, a drone might handle delivery duties. Uber announced this morning that it intends to begin operating autonomous quadcopters in San Diego — one of the ten cities selected by the Federal Aviation Administration to test commercial drones — this summer, pending regulatory approval. […]

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Parrot will prototype combat reconnaissance drones for U.S. military

The Pentagon’s internal startup incubator and the U.S. Army jointly aim to adapt off-the-shelf commercial drones for combat scenarios, and toward that end, they today revealed one of the six companies that’ll supply these drones: Paris-based Parrot. In the coming weeks, as part of the agencies’ ongoing Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) effort, Parrot will prototype […]

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