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How to View the Last Supermoon of the Year

Stargazers, take note: The full moon on Thursday night will be slightly larger and more vibrant than usual. It’s also the last supermoon of the year, according to NASA. The Sturgeon Moon — according to a 1930s edition of the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, the Native Algonquin people gave it that name for the large fish […]

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South Korea Launch Scouts the Moon, With More Missions to Come

South Korea set off for the moon on Thursday. But it doesn’t want to stop there. “We are also considering using the moon as an outpost for space exploration,” Kwon Hyun-joon, director general of space and nuclear energy at South Korea’s Ministry of Science, said in a written response to questions. “Although we hope to […]

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How to Watch South Korea’s First Moon Launch

Joining the list of nations with ambitious plans in space, South Korea is aiming for the moon on Thursday. Its first lunar spacecraft, named Danuri, is carrying scientific payload that will study the moon’s magnetic field, measure quantities of elements and molecules like uranium, water and helium-3, and photograph the dark craters at the poles […]

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