Tag: Mixed-Use Developments

A Gentler Way to Gentrify?

Don’t call the real estate development company Venn a developer. Its founders prefer “neighboring start-up.” And don’t call the company’s tenants, who are scattered across 20 buildings in the quickly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, renters. They are “members” or “Venners.” “We describe ourselves as a new way of living,” said Or Bokobza, the chief […]

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From Former Mental Hospital to Recreational Hub

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina Lunatic Asylum admitted its first patient in 1828. Ever since, its impressive brick wards surrounded by nearly 200 acres of leafy lawns and gardens served as landmarks in Columbia, the state’s capital. Almost 200 years later, and three decades after the last patient was discharged, the old brick buildings […]

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Cities Need Affordable Housing, but Builders Want Big Profits. Can It Work?

WASHINGTON — The Wharf is a gleaming, $2.5 billion development that has transformed a long-stagnant waterfront into a major destination in the nation’s capital. Along a mile of the Potomac River is an array of high-end hotels, entertainment venues, shops, restaurants and apartments. They include the 6,000-capacity Anthem concert venue, an InterContinental hotel and Vio, […]

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