Tag: Immigration Detention

DNA Collection at the Border Threatens the Privacy of All Americans

What if the United States government took the DNA of vast numbers of Americans for use without their consent? The Trump administration has just brought us one step closer to that dystopia. On January 6, the federal government began collecting DNA from any person in immigration custody — previously, it had required only fingerprints. With […]

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Iranian Student Blocked From U.S. Despite Court Order, Sparking Outrage

An Iranian student was turned away from Boston’s Logan International Airport on Monday despite a federal court order that he be allowed to remain in the United States, one of a growing number of cases of international students blocked from entering the country amid heightened diplomatic tensions with Iran. Shahab Dehghani, 24, who was planning […]

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The Injustice of This Moment Is Not an ‘Aberration’

Ten years have passed since my book, “The New Jim Crow,” was published. I wrote it to challenge our nation to reckon with the recurring cycles of racial reform, retrenchment and rebirth of caste-like systems that have defined our racial history since slavery. It has been an astonishing decade. Everything and nothing has changed. When […]

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