Tag: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

F.T.C. Fines Google $170 Million for Violating Children’s Privacy on YouTube

Google on Wednesday agreed to pay a record $170 million fine and to make changes to protect children’s privacy on YouTube, as regulators said the video site had knowingly and illegally harvested personal information from youngsters and used that data to profit by targeting them with ads. The measures were part of a settlement with […]

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If You Didn’t ‘Sharent,’ Did You Even Parent?

By Zoya Garg, Elmer Gomez and Luciana Yael Petrzela While we often hear parents caution their children about safety, this time the tables are turned. In the video op-ed above, three children confront their mothers about “sharenting.” They are members of the first generation whose entire life could be documented on social media. It’s a […]

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We Need a New Government Agency to Fight Facebook

In just the last month the Federal Trade Commission has brokered settlements with Facebook, Google and Equifax over data breaches and mishandling of consumer information. If you squint, it looks a bit like justice served. For its data management sins Equifax must pay $300 million to a fund for affected consumers with the potential for […]

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