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Apple patents AR touch detection using depth-mapping cameras and ML

As the iPhone and iPad have amply demonstrated, much of Apple’s current hardware depends on accurate detection of direct touch inputs — a finger resting against a screen, or in the Mac’s case, on a trackpad. But as people come to rely on augmented reality for work and entertainment, they’ll need to interact with digital objects […]

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Safari will soon reject any HTTPS certificate valid for more than 13 months

Last week, at the 49th CA/Browser Forum, a voluntary consortium of certification authorities, Apple announced that it’ll stop allowing HTTPS certificates on Safari with more than 13 months of validity, later this year. HTTPS certificates, based on the latest TLS encryption standards, ensure that your connection to a particular website is safe and secure. Any certificate issued after September […]

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Microsoft To Bring Its Antivirus App To iOS And Android Devices

On the mobile front, Microsoft hasn’t done quite as well as the competition. Instead, the company has opted to try and take on the mobile industry through software, where they have released apps for both iOS and Android devices. Now it looks like Microsoft will be expanding on that with its antivirus software. Advertising The […]

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