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Adobe Intends to Launch Illustrator for iPad in 2020, ‘All-in’ on Photoshop for iPad

A report from last week claimed that Adobe still intends to launch Photoshop for iPad before the end of this year. It further claimed that the app was rudimentary in nature and not a full-fledged replacement of the desktop version that many users were hoping for. John Gruber from Daring Fireball has provided more information about […]

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Bipartisan group condemns Blizzard and Apple for kowtowing to China

A group of Republican and Democratic party congress members have come together to condemn Hearthstone publisher Activision Blizzard for punishing a player that criticized China. In a separate letter, the same group lambasted Apple for removing an app from its store at the request of China. The group includes Senators Ron Wyden and Marco Rubio […]

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Hands-on: Roku’s Apple TV app helped me cut the cord — from Apple

Like virtually every Apple TV customer, I truly wanted Apple to succeed with its TV-tethered set top box — an enabling device for early cable TV “cord cutters.” I bought into the vision back in 2007 when it took the form of a stripped down $299 Mac computer, went along for the ride when it […]

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