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Indian Google antitrust probe was sparked by junior researchers at India’s own competition commission

(Reuters) — Two junior Indian antitrust research associates and a law school student were behind a complaint that sparked a probe into Google’s alleged anti-competitive practices in the country, in what has become another regulatory challenge for the U.S. firm. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) ordered a full-blown investigation into Alphabet Inc’s Google in […]

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Elizabeth Warren on antitrust: ‘What’s been missing is courage in Washington to take on the giants’

In the first presidential debate Wednesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) defended her stance that the government should break up Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The topic came up during a discussion of corporate consolidation and antitrust laws. “We’ve had the laws out there for a long time to be able to fight back. What’s been missing […]

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The Radicalization of Fiona Scott Morton

If you attend enough conferences about antitrust policy, and I’ll impress you by saying that I have, you will inevitably hear two familiar words: “chilling” and “humble.” Any effort to prosecute antitrust cases, panelists say, creates a chilling effect on investment, preventing businesses from growing and thriving; and enforcers must be humble about how they […]

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