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What Happens in a Recession?

This column is not in the business of forecasting recessions, based on inverted yield curves or any other form of augury. But when enough credentialed auguries suddenly think one might be possible, it seems prudent to speculate about the consequences if they turn out to be correct. So let’s imagine what might follow if, sometime […]

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WeWork Takes Key Step Toward I.P.O., Citing Heady Growth and Huge Losses

WeWork, a real estate firm that leases shared office space, on Wednesday officially set in motion the process of becoming a publicly traded company by filing a financial prospectus with regulators. The offering by the company, which is led by a brash Israeli entrepreneur and backed by money from Saudi Arabia, will be a major […]

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They See It. They Like It. They Want It. They Rent It.

Many young American urbanites have resigned themselves to a life of non-ownership, abandoning the dream of their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents before them, often out of financial necessity. But renting isn’t just a matter of necessity these days. It’s become almost posh. While paying to borrow décor, clothing and offices is nothing new, the […]

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