Atlanta Strippers Are Encouraging Voters To ‘Get Your Booty To The Polls’

As most of us are now fully aware, the upcoming election — which we’ll remind you is just six (!!!) weeks away — is enormously important to the future of our nation. It’s starting to feel like we’re voting for our very lives. As such, people are rallying together to encourage voting and electoral engagement. […]

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OnlyFans Limits How Much Money Sex Workers Make With Zero Warning

TS Jane (left) and Rebecca Madison (right) are both content creators on OnlyFans. Photos courtesy of TS Jane and Rebecca Madison Sex workers are speaking out against OnlyFans after the site recently introduced new rules that limit how much content creators can earn. According to several sex workers, the site capped pay-per-view rates at $50 […]

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Sex Workers Say ‘Anti-Trafficking Raids’ Are Often a Guise to Target Them

Migrant sex workers in Canada say they’re being targeted disproportionately by police and border security. Photo by Andreas Rentz (Getty Images) Wendy, a sex worker in Ontario, was visiting three of her friends who were working out of an apartment when two police officers stormed the premises. “They immediately asked to speak to the boss,” […]

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