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chocolate budino

Barbuto is the restaurant that made me love kale salads. It proved daily that toasted gnocchi > any other gnocchi. The chicken is legendary, although we probably got the hangar steak more often, because it’s also the restaurant that showed me how wonderful they can be. The crispy potato side is one of my favorite […]

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These Paloma Recipes Will Leave You Hyped For A Tequila-Filled Summer

Uproxx/Getty Images If you enjoy classic cocktails, you’ll find quite a few worthy of summer consumption. You have your usual suspects like the iconic gin & tonic, the margarita, the mojito, and the beloved Negroni. But as we look ahead to warmer days, there’s no drink that we feel better encapsulates the spirit of summer […]

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extra-flaky pie crust

[Welcome back to ✨ Newer, Better Month ✨ on Smitten Kitchen, when I update a few SK classics with new knowledge, new techniques, and with real-life time constraints in mind. Previously.] The concept of “newer better” is always going to be relative, and no more so than in this recipe. For all of the years […]

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