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Yes, the Polls May Be Wrong Again. But Democrats Have Reasons to Be Optimistic.

But there are tantalizing reasons to suspect these polling numbers aren’t a mirage—that this time, history may take a year off. One of the biggest boons that Republicans received in 2016 and 2020 was Donald Trump’s presence on the ballot: Some voters, it seems, really do only turn out to vote for their guy, a […]

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Forget FDR. Biden Is a Major President in His Own Right.

The results of these unrealistically elevated expectations can be seen in the polls. Even with a slight rebound in Biden’s numbers, there remains a Democratic deficit. According to a new Ipsos survey, only 75 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s record as president. The Economist/YouGov poll released last week has Biden’s backing among Democrats bumping […]

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Democrats Might Have Something New For the Midterms: Optimism

But there are three problems with this logic. These are, for the most part, the same voters who have already been mobilized by the Dobbs decision and the fight to preserve abortion rights. Also, the benefits of the legislation will not be readily apparent since there are still regulations to be written and grants to […]

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