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Biden approval rating nears lowest point of presidency: survey

Biden approval rating nears lowest point of presidency: survey | The Hill Skip to content President Biden’s approval rating is nearing its lowest point of his presidency, according to a new poll, following a string of bank failures that have thrown even more uncertainty into the economy. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research […]

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Two-Thirds of Americans Say Biden Hasn’t Accomplished Much. Can He Convince Them Otherwise?

Even though this address has a broad reach compared to other presidential speeches, only around 38 million viewers watched last year’s State of the Union. (“It’s not the Super Bowl, but it’s a heck of a lot of people,” Schumer said.) Meanwhile, there are more than 258 million adults in the United States, and more […]

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Matt Gaetz Will Never Be the AOC of the Right

And the rent remains too damn high. When Ocasio-Cortez first moved to Washington at the age of 29 she was ridiculed by a Fox News presenter because she couldn’t immediately find an apartment immediately. Perhaps this was catnip for aging cable news viewers. But AOC’s experience was hardly alien to the young. Rents in major […]

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