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Nashville Sues to Block Law That Would Shrink its Council by Half

NASHVILLE — The metropolitan government of Nashville sued the State of Tennessee on Monday, asking a judge to block a new law that would slash the size of its governing body to 20 members, from 40. The standoff has emerged as a particularly stark example of flaring tensions between liberal-leaning cities and conservative state lawmakers […]

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Remaking Country’s Gender Politics, One Barroom Weeper at a Time

That primal songwriting scene in the parking lot serves as a reminder that new songs come, at least in part, from old songs. Standard country music templates like the heartbreak tale or the evocation of small-town life stood ready to hand when someone said something that suggested the germ of a song. Think of a […]

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‘Bad Apples’ or Systemic Issues?

Yes, this is in part a consequence of anti-intellectual strains on the right and among right-wing media. And this conservative mistrust of higher education (and secondary education) is causing it to turn its back on free speech and instead resort to punitive legislation, such as Florida’s recently passed “Stop Woke Act,” which a federal court […]

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