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What Changed Fed Chair Jerome Powell from Hero to Goat in One Week?

A major reason for this inattention, as I noted last week, was the 2018 bank-deregulation law passed by Congress, which raised the threshold for banks that received special Fed scrutiny from $50 billion to $250 billion. (Silicon Valley’s and Signature Bank’s assets were $209 billion and $110 billion, respectively.) At a Senate hearing last week, […]

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Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates Up 0.25 Percent, Smallest Increase in Almost a Year

“I don’t think that is likely to happen with the rate hikes to date, but if they were to go much further, I would be very worried,” said Baker. The current economy looks fairly strong, he added, even in some of the sectors most sensitive to changes in interest rates, such as housing, trade, and […]

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