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NASA research shows alien life is far less likely than previously thought

Scientists just threw a monkey wrench in the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life by redefining what a “habitable planet” is. A team of researchers led by NASA astrobiologist Edward Schwieterman recently published a study indicating that the habitable zone (HZ) for life includes far fewer planetary systems than scientists thought. According to the paper: Here […]

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Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin is going to the moon to ‘save the Earth’

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said his other company, Blue Origin, is going to the moon to “save the Earth.” The idea is that moving more of humanity into space could be part of a long-term strategy to protect the Earth. “To do big things in space, we need to use in-space resources, and so the […]

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This weekend’s Blue Moon isn’t the kind of Blue Moon you’re used to (and also isn’t blue)

This post has been updated, because you still care about the moons. Blue moons, pink moons, strawberry moons, supermoons. For some reason your news aggregation algorithm of choice thinks you really really really want to know all about these moons. “Catch This Weekend’s AMAZING SUPERMOON,” one headline (or, like, 500 of them) will announce. “The […]

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