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I have grown                   older without            noticing
 like turning                      now the inter-          section sleet
slick in shining                 darkness and             two people 

trying to cross                  I’m suddenly            skidding
halfway through              the curve the            streetlight offa power out-                    age across                 the village

 and taste of […]

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The Case of the “Disappearing” Poet

From Hollywood movies to children’s books, there has probably never been more discussion of how people of color are represented in American culture than there is right now. Efforts like #OscarsSoWhite or We Need Diverse Books have called attention to the fact that white performers, authors, and characters continue to dominate mainstream movies and books. […]

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Janaka Stucky Brings a Doom-Metal Mysticism to His Poetry Readings

With his black shirtsleeves rolled up, Janaka Stucky performs poetry readings like he’s part fire-and-brimstone preacher, part doom-metal frontman. “I want the performance to be an initiatory experience,” the poet told VICE. “I want to channel the energy of each performance into conjuring whatever altered state of consciousness I was in when I wrote the […]

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Princess Nokia’s NYT Interview Is Art, So We Turned It Into a Poem

Princess Nokia had her first solo New York Times interview Thursday, and it was just about as wild as you’d expect. In the past few years, Nokia has helped pave a lane for alternative female rappers, going from a New York underground icon to selling out international tours with her raw, evocative songs about growing […]

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