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6 Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing

ImageThe Trump administration has undone dozens of environmental regulations since Mr. Trump took office in January 2017.CreditClockwise from top left: Mike Blake/Reuters; Katie Orlinsky for NYT; Brandon Thibodeaux for NYT; Jennifer Strickland/USFWS; Jim Wilson/NYT; Al Drago/NYT; Brandon Thibodeaux for NYT; Alex Goodlett for NYT The move to rescind environmental rules governing emissions of methane, a […]

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Indonesia Confronts, Belatedly, a Huge Oil Spill Near Jakarta

SEDARI, Indonesia — Fish and crustaceans usually run strong in the Java Sea, but the men of Sedari village, on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Java, have no plans to go out on its waters. Weeks after an unexpected gush of crude oil from an offshore well sent an inky stain across […]

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Israel’s Energy Dilemma: More Natural Gas Than It Can Use or Export

TEL AVIV — For decades, Israel was an energy-starved country surrounded by hostile, oil-rich neighbors. Now it has a different problem. Thanks to major offshore discoveries over the last decade, it has more natural gas than it can use or readily export. Having plenty of gas is hardly a burden, and it offers a cleaner-burning […]

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