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What if We Didn’t Dread Menopause?

When most people say “menopause,” they mean more than just the end of female reproductive functions and more, even, than just the accompanying hormonal changes. They mean the cornucopia of symptoms — hot flashes, vaginal dryness, psychological problems like “irritability” — thought to accompany those changes. Type “menopause and” into Google and it will autocomplete […]

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In ‘Flash Count Diary,’ Darcey Steinke Documents the Enigma, the Rage and the Power of Menopause

About halfway through “Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of Natural Life,” the American novelist Darcey Steinke describes lying down for a massage at a Russian bath house in Paris and coming to an exceedingly belated realization: “I was in a place where women took money for sex.” She concedes there had been certain […]

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A Drug Prolonged Life in Younger Women With Advanced Breast Cancer

A drug that can slow the progression of advanced breast cancer has been shown for the first time to lengthen survival in women whose disease started before or during menopause, researchers reported on Saturday. In patients who took the drug along with a standard treatment, 70 percent were still alive three and a half years […]

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