Tag: Economic Policy

Democratic Candidates Talk Black Money Matters at South Carolina Forum

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) participates in the Black Economic Alliance Forum, taking questions from Soledad O’Brien, June 15, 2019, in Charleston, S.C.Photo: Sean Rayford (Getty) With more than 20 (at last count) Democrats in the running to win the party’s presidential nomination, it’s probably more important than ever to differentiate oneself, […]

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Nation’s Treasury Department Is Said to Be a Bastion of White, Male Privilege

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testifying before a House committee in May 2019. Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images) The Trump administration is well known to be well stocked in rich, white males, but it turns out the Treasury Department, headed by Steve Mnucin, himself a rich, white male, may be the richest, whitest and most male […]

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