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Google Pixel 4A Review: At $350, a Win for Those on a Budget

People generally adore Google for bringing useful technology to the masses at an aggressively low price, if not free. For those who like that, I have happy news: Google is getting really, really good at the price cutting, while still bringing quality, with its smartphones. The evidence? The Pixel 4A smartphone, which the company introduced […]

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Slimmed-Down Baseball on TV Has Broadcast Workers Worried

Major League Baseball’s abbreviated 60-game season will look a bit different on television this year. OK, it will look a lot different. There will be no fans in the stands, unless the coronavirus pandemic significantly improves, and telecasts will have crowd noise piped in. Masks will be abundant. But baseball will also change in more […]

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Intel VP: AI-aided defect detection is a killer app for industrial IoT

Watch the final day of VB Transform live on YouTube! Computer vision has become one of AI’s most promising applications, combining ever-improving cameras with faster and smarter automated object recognition. During today’s Transform 2020 digital conference, Intel VP Brian McCarson spoke with VentureBeat CEO Matt Marshall about computer vision’s role in the growing industrial internet of things (IIoT) market. […]

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