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Popular Move: Maine Senate Passes Bill to Give All of State’s Electoral Votes to the Winner of the Popular Vote in 2020

Photo: iStock There’s a movement afoot in some quarters to get rid of the Electoral College, the institution that really elects the president of the United States. More often than not, the winner of the popular vote also wins enough electoral votes to gain the Oval Office. But in just the last 20 years, the Electoral […]

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Al Gore Was ‘So Impressed’ By ‘South Park’ And Its ManBearPig Apology

Twitter Al Gore is getting a bit of Pyrrhic vindication these days, what with the overt impacts of climate change further ravaging the only planet we can currently live on. Gore was an early climate change alarmist, so people starting to think about worrying about the impact humans have had on the global climate kind […]

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The Soccer Mom Strikes Back

Chrissy Houlahan has almost everything Democratic strategists look for in a candidate: A political newcomer, she served in the military and has experience in both the public and private sectors. But perhaps most importantly, this mother of two—affluent, white, and well educated—seems tailor-made to appeal to the suburban women Democratic strategists believe will decide the […]

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